Sunday, April 26, 2009


SO, I go to vacuum my girls' room today (after they spent a long time cleaning it up) and what do wondering my eyes should appear, but RED color crayon drawings on their bedroom floor!

NO NOT KIDDING, 3, yes, THREE drawings like this one on their carpeting! AND the worst part is... my husband is color blind and couldn't even see it!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Todays Adventure!

Today I met up with my Sister-in-Law/ Step Sister/ Girlfriend, and her 2 daughters who just happen to follow my girls ages (hers 6, mine 5, hers 4, mine 3) . Yes they are very cute all together! Anyways, the 2 oldest road their bikes and the youngest 2 rode in our double jogging stroller (we let them bike last week, but they are sort of slow...LOL!)
Anyways, we finished our walk and took the path that leads to the VERMILLION FALLS in Hastings, MN! It is so beautiful... I remember back to when my dad used to let us come down here.... This is also the place where my husband (after 3 mo. of dating) told me he wanted to marry me....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gratituesday: I won the War!

OK, today I am very grateful for my giving husband!!!!!!
NO really, I am !!!!!!!
SEE, last week he got a FREE camera (the one above) in the mail.... he has these AFTERMARKET REWARD POINTS he has been saving for a long time from ITEMS at work that you pull them off of.... Well, last week he turned them in for a NEW CAMERA and a Wii Truck game.....
The Camera came and I was in love instantly! I knew I HAD to make it mine... (SORRY, but it is true!)
I pleaded my case about how I was the one who took ALL of the family photos, how he just wanted to use it for WORK photos (progress of cars he is working on), how MY camera was ALMOST 3 yrs old.... How HIS NEW camera was SOOO much nicer than mine... ETC....
I know, BAD BAD BAD.... BUT.......................

IT WORKED, lastnight he told me that I could HAVE IT!!!!!! That he was thinking about what I said and it is true... I do take the family photos, I do order them, I do file them, I do scrapbook them, etc....... And I DO deserve the NICE camera (his is a 10.1 MP, mine was a 5 MP) WOW, double the fun...LOL!

IT IS ALL GOOD, STOP thinking I am horrible and terrible.... He is getting a great present in the mail in 2 days.... He has been wanting a MANTIS tiller for a long time, and I finally set aside enough budget to order it... HE HAS NO IDEA!!!!!

SO I am not so bad afterall, huh?????

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Monday, April 20, 2009

I am having TOOO much fun!

OK, so finally after plotting on how I could get my hands on a NUTRIMILL... I finally managed to get one!!!!

YES, ME, I GOT A GRAIN MILL!!!!!!!!!!!



I have had so much fun grinding grains in this thing, and learning to cook with them! So far I have done YELLOW POPCORN for cornmeal and made SUPER YUMMY Corn Bread! I have done BROWN RICE and made banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, cheesy biscuits, and apple muffins, all without wheat! I have done Hard White Wheat Berries and made Beer Bread, Brownies, Blue Berry Muffins, Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins, Tortilas, Pizza Crust... and I am sure there are a few more things!

This thing is FUN FUN FUN! This week I am going to try Chick Peas, As a friend of mine told me it was her favorite NO WHEAT flour to use!

Do you have a grain mill, and if so.... what fun things do you do with it????

Saturday, April 18, 2009


The photo says it all!!!!!!

(she fell on her bike going down a hill..... a hill she was SUPPOSED to stop at the top and wait for us before she went down.... bet she won't be doing that again!)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


NO, NOT Spring Fever....


UGH, I soooo wanna look like this again!

My husband is TAKEN CARE of... :-(
I must confess that I did check on the cost of a Reversal....
OVER $7000 UGH! SO, that isn't an option!
BUT I will keep praying that if God wanted us to have more....
He has the power to make that happen!!!!!
MAYBE it is just because my baby is now 3 and potty trained,
we don't carry a diaper bag at all anymore, and
NO ONE needs me to dress them or feed them!
Who knows... I guess I will have to get my hands on some of my
friends babies, and

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gratituesday: Son Liking Gymnastics!

Yesterday was our first day at Gymnastics.... My Second son begged and begged to get into the class... (his sister already had a spot)... So Shayla gave up her spot to Lucas and He was super excited...... In the end, there was an opening and Shayla (who's foot is in the lower Left) Got in anyways!!!! How nice of her to give her spot up though , HUH????

Anyways, I am just so Grateful that he loved it, even though he was the only boy in class! He did get alittle hyper about things and tried to run across the balance beam and fell, but he did great seated rolls and wonderful cartwheels!!!!!!

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I mean... REALLY!!!!!

Have you seen this... it is to help your kid potty train.... LOL! You can see more HERE!!!
They do have an easy fun memory game my 3 yr old liked....LOL!
Just wanted to share the humor today!!!!!!