Friday, February 27, 2009

Next week....

SO, next week I am going to do some different things here on my blog...
I am going to Review the THINGS we did on our anniversary weekend....
This includes the Hotel, the PUB in the hotel, the Science museum, the Mall of America, and the place we ate while there..... I think if you are local to me, these things are important... and if you are far away from me... maybe you won't give a darn about them!!!! But who knows!!!!

On a side note... I am leaving again tonight for a 48 hour trip... Snowmobiling in the north... and by the grace of God, we got plenty of snow yesterday to make our trip very fun!!!!!!!!!

Look forward to hearing about that next week also!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


AH, are you ready for a little challenge today???? I know I am!!!!!!!

Let's see here....

I think todays Challenge will be to clean out your family car/truck/van!

I know it is VERY cold out (ok, well not VERY cold but cold non the less!) where I live, but I am still going to bundle up and head into the garage to clean it out a bit!

WHY am I choosing this as a challenge???? WELL, truth be told, we are giving the Kids and the VAN to my inlaws for 48 hours, and I don't need them thinking the van is gross (OK, my husband did clean it out 2 months ago, but the kids keep bringing stuff into it and not taking it back into the house....UGH! So the books, toys, etc... pile up on the back seat and the floor!)

I don't know if I will vaccuum because I don't think I can stand the cold that long, but if you are somewhere warmer, feel free to suck up all the nastiness on the floors!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am back.... (for a few days....)

OK, I know I said I would be back on monday, but life was so busy for 2 days... Trev stayed home on monday from school, because he was achy all over... I am SURE he would have been just fine going.... BUT what can you do when you are a MOM?
Yesterday we finally ran some much need errands to the store.... I am going to try out some new face cleaner, toner, and moisterizor/treatment stuff..... side note: I have had bad skin since I was 11, yes, that is right, for 20 yrs of my life... that is pretty poopy if you ask me..... I am ALWAYS trying something to see if it works.... My next step is to try that YAZ (sp?) Birthcontrol pill.... sooo we shall see.... BUT In a few weeks, look for a product review from me on the new stuff!!!!!!
I said in my title (FOR A FEW DAYS) because friday night we are heading north 3 hours to HAYWARD, WI for 2 days of snowmobiling!!!!!!! My hubby, me, and my Brother In Law are going while the kids stay back with the Grandparents for those 2 nights! WOW, we never get this much time away and then it gets shoved into 2 weekends in a row.... The kids are just getting off the high of being with their cousins for 3 nights!!!!!!
Nothing else is new around here.... OH, I am getting ready for a craft fair at my childrens school on March 7th... and my BABY does turn 3 next monday... :-( WOW, my baby is going to be 3 yrs old.... She will start Kindergarten in 2 1/2 yrs.... :-( MAN how time flies! AND we are coming up on our 1 yr anniversary of CLEAN EATING!!!!! We began cutting things out last march and now a yr later we are pretty much CLEAN EATERS at home! I have enjoyed so much learning to make the things we used to buy.... One of my favorite things to make can be found HERE...... on my other blog! YUMMMM!!!!!
OK, that is my update post for now.... better get to sewing if I want to sell anything next weekend!!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Going Going Going.....

on a romantic weekend.... Na-na-na-na- boo-boo!!!!!

So, I am off today for a weekend get away with my hubby! We will have been married 10 yrs on March 6th, and we are celebrating just a couple weeks early!!! (the kids don't have school today or tomorrow, makes it easy to get rid of them!!!!)

I will be back to posting on monday!!!!!!!!!!

Wish me luck, this will be the longest either of us has been away from the kids with out one of us with them!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Look what happens when....

You forget you are washing a small load of diapers and pump a 1/2 pump instead of a little bit of soap in the washer....LOL!!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

And this is sooo sad!!!!

What great strength these people have!!

This is sooo funny, and SOOOO true!

This is a great YouTube movie my friend sent to me to watch...HA!!!!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

What happens when.....

Your son finds every pillow in his room while he is SUPPOSED to be going to sleep???

This is what I found when I went to go and check on the kids before I went to bed.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gratituesday: My Second Son....

Ok, those of you that know me in my REAL LIFE, must be thinking... IS SHE JOKING????
Nope, not today, Today I am really grateful for Luke!

YES, there are times I want to yell at him (and I do) and there are times he makes me so angry that I cry (yep, do that too), but then there are the times where he cracks a joke and makes everyone laugh until they cry!

Ex: lastnight he was mad that he had to clean out his shelf in a pantry cabinet that I have.... I mean really, When I have to DIG for his lunch box on a small shelf... it is time to clean it off!!!!

Well, he didn't like that idea and was complaining and throwing a fit.... blaming me for things like having to throw away ripped projects (I know, Why is that my fault???? HMMM!)

OH WAIT... you must know this info first before you find this story ending VERY FUNNY....

This past weekend, he was driving me MAD, complaining about having to unload the dishwasher when my hubby asked him to..... So Finally I said "GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN THEN!" He said "It isn't your kitchen, it's Dad's! He pays for it!" Then I informed him that if he asked DAD whos kitchen it was, I can bet that the answer would be "MOM'S".... So he did and of course that was the answer.... Then DAD told him that the garage is his etc....... SOOOO NOW back to the story!

OK, so he is getting mad about cleaning up, so he slams the door of the cupboard open against the wall.... So Hubby says "Don't Treat my stuff like that!" and Luke says "It's NOT yours, it's MOMS!" (Ok, he is always VERY literal!!! I mean REALLY!) So I say "Well, the Doors are Dad's" to which luke replies, "WHAT, Does it lead out to the garage or what????"

OMGOSH, I laughed so hard I stared to cry!!!!! Even though I wanted to be mad, I couldn't, he is just funny that way!

He also NEVER asks for things like lastnight he called me into his room after he was tucked in... instead of asking WHEN he will get to make his Valentines box, he stared crying and saying "I GUESS I WON'T BE ABLE TO MAKE MY BOX NOW, THANKS ALOT, THERE ISN'T ENOUGH TIME, SO THANKS, NOW I WON'T HAVE ONE!!!" To which I replied... "Oh that's a bummer! Hey Trevor, How about we make your box tomorrow.... Goodnight boys!"

YES, HE NEVER asks, he always COMMENTS!!!! But even when it makes me mad, it is WHO he IS! OR SPIRITED LITTLE CLOWN!!!!!!

The best part is, no matter how much he "HATES ME" during the day, or how angry he and I get with eachother, EVERY NIGHT I crawl into his bed to tuck him in and we joke and laugh, etc.... So, now matter what, at the end of the night we re-connect and get ready to start fresh and new the next day!!!!!!!!

So there you have it... TODAY I am grateful for Luke!!!! The wiggly, ants in the pants, can't slow down, always putting blame on others, best tempertantrum thrower, Dancing, best cooker, So Proud, Risk Taker, Daddys helper, jokin boy I know!!!!!!!

Please visit Laura's blog for more gratituesday!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Who knew a little plastic game could give you sooooo much fun?????

Mission Monday....

AH, back for more are you????

Todays mission is going to be a easy or not so easy one...

I want you to file some pictures... YES<>

NOW maybe you are good and already have your photos all filed... and maybe not.... but this week is the week to get them filed if you haven't done so already!

Here is my pile to do....

Those go back MORE than a year... I KNOW... SHHHH, don't tell anyone!

SOOO rememeber MAKE A PLAN! I need to file these away in photo boxes

What will you need to do your PLAN? 2 Photo boxes (I already have these)

What is your GOAL???? To have my photos filed before next monday!

This will probably take me a few hours, my plan is to do it while I watch a couple of our favorite shows this week.

How will you file your photos this week???????

(I am also planning on burning the photos on my computer so I can get those uploaded on someones HIGH SPEED connection, to shutterfly to get prints!)
Happy MISSION MONDAY! And remember.... each small mission leads to Big THINGS!

Friday, February 6, 2009

True confession!!!!!

Hello, my name is Denai, and I am a


Yes, it is true!!!!!

I can't stand the taste of alcohol for the most part... I hate bitter or spicy foods... any food with an odd texture is NOT GOOD... gritty foods are a NO GO, most nuts are OUT, Wine is NOT something I enjoy, and yes, sometimes Ketchup is spicy!
People give me crap all the time and it gets really old... HEY, I CAN'T HELP IT!!!!! It is just the way it is.... I can't GET OVER IT.... I CAN'T TRY HARDER.... I CAN'T PRETEND TO LIKE IT...

Here is the lyrics to a great song by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS

Lyrics to John Lee Supertaster :
When I was 39 years old,
I heard a story.
I found out that there [are] people walking among us
who have superpowers
.These people are called Supertasters.
To a Supertaster,
bitter fruits taste far more bitter,
and sweets far more sweet.
Then, just a few months ago,
I had the chance to meet a real,
live Supertaster named John Lee.
And this is his true story:
Nothing tastes the same (nothing tastes the same)
To a Supertaster (Supertaster)
When he tastes a pear (tastes a pear)
It's like a hundred pears (it's like a million pears)
He's got superpowers (superpowers)
He is a Supertaster (Supertaster)
Every flavor explodes (explodes and explodes)
Explodes and explodes
John Lee Supertaster
Tastes more than we do
Everything has a flavor
Some flavors are too much
Can't shut his mouth (can't shut his mouth)
'Cause he's a Supertaster (Supertaster)
Though he looks like a man (talks like a man)
He is a Supertaster (Supertaster)
Can't drink coffee or beer (coffee or beer)
'Cause he's a Supertaster (Supertaster)
Loves ice cream and pie (ice cream and pie)
He is a Supertaster
John Lee Supertaster
Tastes more than we know
Everything has a flavor
Some flavors must go
So that's me John Lee!!!!! Ok not really, but for real! So next time you make cookies for others, DON'T ADD NUTS, and if you make pizza, KEEP OFF THE VEGGIES, and don't tell a picky person to GROW UP and GET OVER IT... cause it's not going to make it better!!!! It is what it is.....
My Name is Denai, and that is my story!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


OK, Come on, get on up and DO SOMETHING!!!!!

Really, again this week your challenge is to MOVE!!! Do anything... Just don't sit there!
If you work at a Desk... get alittle timer and set it for every 1/2 hour... then get up and walk around for a few minutes and get your blood flowing!
If you are at home with the kids, turn on the music and dance-dance-dance!!!!
If you are watching TV, grab a set of dumb-bells and pump some iron as you watch, then during commercials, get up and walk around, doing something (pick up???)


Do you do something last week????

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mission Monday.... 2 days late...

OK, I didn't forget... I just forgot!

So, here is my Closet from last weeks mission! Out when the pack-n-play, since we don't use it anymore! Most of the STUFF on the closet floor went in the garbage... except for the CD case, it went back up on the shelf where it belonged! I actually want to still doing something on the floor of the closet for MY shoes.... The ones I wear more often than not...

Since we were late on this.... This weeks mission is easy!!!!

Take care of 1 pile you have lying around! Doesn't matter how small it is... if it has been there for awhile, take care of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Put the things in their home or in the garbage! If they don't have a home, make a home for them... or again, in the garbage!

I will be back on track on monday with MISSION MONDAY!!!!

If you haven't yet....

Run HERE and check out my great tutorial on making Caramel Rolls!!!!!!!!! VERY YUMMY!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gratituesday: Healthy Kids....

So, as I reflect back on the winter so far..... I have to be grateful for HEALTHY KIDS!
I have so many friends who's kids have missed soooo much school and some holiday fun because of sickness..... So far my kids are Healthy Healthy Healthy (better knock on some wood right now!!!!!) Actually they have always been pretty healthy kids.... In fact my 5 1/2 yr old has only been on Antibiotics ONE TIME, and that wasn't because she was sick, it was to see if it could clear up the fluid in her ears that was making her deaf.... (I didn't want to do it, but hubby said he did ... UGH!) Either way....
All and all I thank God all the time for LITERALLY healthy children.... and I Pray for the ones who are not so lucky! I don't know what I did to deserve 4 healthy Pregnancies, and 4 healthy babies....... God Is GOOD!

Read more Gratituesday at heavenlyhomemakers

Monday, February 2, 2009

I am SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Oh, I just signed up for the 50 million pounds challenge! Did I mention I am SUPER excited!!!!????? AND I also started a team on there.... 30 some'thin' mama's (Ok, so you DON'T have to be 30 something if you would like to join me.. you don't even need to be a mama! Just motivated to be a healthier you!)
SOOO, this is why I am excited... .Because I just looked at the 30 day meal plan, and usually I hate these, because they are FULL of foods I don't care for, or that cost tons of money.... BUT this one is different! Here is what I can have today....

Meal 1
2 cups cereal. Unsweetened and not frosted preferred, stick to bran types if possible.
1 cup low fat, fat-free or skim milk
1 piece of fruit
1 boiled egg

Meal 2
1/2 breast of chicken sliced
3 cups salad
3 tbsp. fat-free or low-fat salad dressing
1 piece of fruit

Meal 3
4 oz. turkey
2 slices whole wheat or multigrain bread
1 tbsp. mayonnaise, optional
1 tbsp. mustard, optional
1 slice low-fat cheese
1 handful pretzels, can substitute chips
2 cups vegetables

Healthy Snack
Choose from the Healthy Snacks List

Meal 4
5 oz. fish, can substitute chicken, turkey or lean sirloin
2 cups vegetables

Healthy Snack
Choose from the Healthy Snacks List

Now I wouldn't be as excited, but for the last 4 weeks, My sister in law/friend and I have had a challange together to work out 1 hour 5 times a week.... and I have been doing it, but NOT losing any weight... I don't really think it is because I am taking in TOOOO many calories, but maybe NOT the right calories... (Ok, that probably isn't it either, but I must find some excuse!!)
So I am excited to be able to eat that much food, and hopefully still lose weight... while getting support from the team I am trying to build!
SOOOO if you want to be IN ON THIS with me.... COME ON, leave me a comment with a way to get a hold of you to invite you to my group, OR email me and let me know you want to be on this wagon with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to do this with lots of my blog buddies!!!!!!!!!
I figured we could do a weigh-in once a week TOGETHER... like going to Weight Watchers, BUT for free!