Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mission Monday.... 2 days late...

OK, I didn't forget... I just forgot!

So, here is my Closet from last weeks mission! Out when the pack-n-play, since we don't use it anymore! Most of the STUFF on the closet floor went in the garbage... except for the CD case, it went back up on the shelf where it belonged! I actually want to still doing something on the floor of the closet for MY shoes.... The ones I wear more often than not...

Since we were late on this.... This weeks mission is easy!!!!

Take care of 1 pile you have lying around! Doesn't matter how small it is... if it has been there for awhile, take care of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Put the things in their home or in the garbage! If they don't have a home, make a home for them... or again, in the garbage!

I will be back on track on monday with MISSION MONDAY!!!!

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