Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gratituesday: My Second Son....

Ok, those of you that know me in my REAL LIFE, must be thinking... IS SHE JOKING????
Nope, not today, Today I am really grateful for Luke!

YES, there are times I want to yell at him (and I do) and there are times he makes me so angry that I cry (yep, do that too), but then there are the times where he cracks a joke and makes everyone laugh until they cry!

Ex: lastnight he was mad that he had to clean out his shelf in a pantry cabinet that I have.... I mean really, When I have to DIG for his lunch box on a small shelf... it is time to clean it off!!!!

Well, he didn't like that idea and was complaining and throwing a fit.... blaming me for things like having to throw away ripped projects (I know, Why is that my fault???? HMMM!)

OH WAIT... you must know this info first before you find this story ending VERY FUNNY....

This past weekend, he was driving me MAD, complaining about having to unload the dishwasher when my hubby asked him to..... So Finally I said "GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN THEN!" He said "It isn't your kitchen, it's Dad's! He pays for it!" Then I informed him that if he asked DAD whos kitchen it was, I can bet that the answer would be "MOM'S".... So he did and of course that was the answer.... Then DAD told him that the garage is his etc....... SOOOO NOW back to the story!

OK, so he is getting mad about cleaning up, so he slams the door of the cupboard open against the wall.... So Hubby says "Don't Treat my stuff like that!" and Luke says "It's NOT yours, it's MOMS!" (Ok, he is always VERY literal!!! I mean REALLY!) So I say "Well, the Doors are Dad's" to which luke replies, "WHAT, Does it lead out to the garage or what????"

OMGOSH, I laughed so hard I stared to cry!!!!! Even though I wanted to be mad, I couldn't, he is just funny that way!

He also NEVER asks for things like lastnight he called me into his room after he was tucked in... instead of asking WHEN he will get to make his Valentines box, he stared crying and saying "I GUESS I WON'T BE ABLE TO MAKE MY BOX NOW, THANKS ALOT, THERE ISN'T ENOUGH TIME, SO THANKS, NOW I WON'T HAVE ONE!!!" To which I replied... "Oh that's a bummer! Hey Trevor, How about we make your box tomorrow.... Goodnight boys!"

YES, HE NEVER asks, he always COMMENTS!!!! But even when it makes me mad, it is WHO he IS! OR SPIRITED LITTLE CLOWN!!!!!!

The best part is, no matter how much he "HATES ME" during the day, or how angry he and I get with eachother, EVERY NIGHT I crawl into his bed to tuck him in and we joke and laugh, etc.... So, now matter what, at the end of the night we re-connect and get ready to start fresh and new the next day!!!!!!!!

So there you have it... TODAY I am grateful for Luke!!!! The wiggly, ants in the pants, can't slow down, always putting blame on others, best tempertantrum thrower, Dancing, best cooker, So Proud, Risk Taker, Daddys helper, jokin boy I know!!!!!!!

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Gabbi said...

I love that kid!!


Carrie said...

LOL The soccer ball photo says it all!

I think one of my boys is going to be alot like Luke! Joyful, aggravating, funny, frustrating, loving & destructive - all at once!

vehementflame said...

How funny. I have those moments to- so mad but can't help but laughing!

Joy said...

I have a son just like Luke!
He is 4(will be five in two months)
I am so glad to know that there are others with children the same way! My son never ask me anything either...and he is the best yelling temper throwing child I have ever met. But oh how we love him no matter what!
Your son is really cute!
That story is so funny! Kids are so honest aren't they!