Monday, February 2, 2009

I am SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Oh, I just signed up for the 50 million pounds challenge! Did I mention I am SUPER excited!!!!????? AND I also started a team on there.... 30 some'thin' mama's (Ok, so you DON'T have to be 30 something if you would like to join me.. you don't even need to be a mama! Just motivated to be a healthier you!)
SOOO, this is why I am excited... .Because I just looked at the 30 day meal plan, and usually I hate these, because they are FULL of foods I don't care for, or that cost tons of money.... BUT this one is different! Here is what I can have today....

Meal 1
2 cups cereal. Unsweetened and not frosted preferred, stick to bran types if possible.
1 cup low fat, fat-free or skim milk
1 piece of fruit
1 boiled egg

Meal 2
1/2 breast of chicken sliced
3 cups salad
3 tbsp. fat-free or low-fat salad dressing
1 piece of fruit

Meal 3
4 oz. turkey
2 slices whole wheat or multigrain bread
1 tbsp. mayonnaise, optional
1 tbsp. mustard, optional
1 slice low-fat cheese
1 handful pretzels, can substitute chips
2 cups vegetables

Healthy Snack
Choose from the Healthy Snacks List

Meal 4
5 oz. fish, can substitute chicken, turkey or lean sirloin
2 cups vegetables

Healthy Snack
Choose from the Healthy Snacks List

Now I wouldn't be as excited, but for the last 4 weeks, My sister in law/friend and I have had a challange together to work out 1 hour 5 times a week.... and I have been doing it, but NOT losing any weight... I don't really think it is because I am taking in TOOOO many calories, but maybe NOT the right calories... (Ok, that probably isn't it either, but I must find some excuse!!)
So I am excited to be able to eat that much food, and hopefully still lose weight... while getting support from the team I am trying to build!
SOOOO if you want to be IN ON THIS with me.... COME ON, leave me a comment with a way to get a hold of you to invite you to my group, OR email me and let me know you want to be on this wagon with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to do this with lots of my blog buddies!!!!!!!!!
I figured we could do a weigh-in once a week TOGETHER... like going to Weight Watchers, BUT for free!

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