Friday, January 30, 2009

Am I the ONLY ONE ....

with dial up??????????

I dream, I pray, I wish..... that it would come to my neighborhood! BUT alas, NO, they are not coming anytime soon!!!!!! The lines are 1 mile from me, and still........ NOT HERE!!!!!!!
SURE, I can pay $80+ for a dish on my house... but FOR REAL... UMMM.... NO!!!!

So, really, am I the only one left???

Makes me think of way back when when my hubby and I were dating and everyone I knew my age was having sex... and I kept asking him... " I AM THE ONLY 21 yr OLD VIRGIN ON EARTH?" SOOO, AM I THE ONLY DIAL UP COMPUTER??????


vehementflame said...

We do not have Hi speed here- we never will. We are to out in the boonies. My hubbie works from home so his boss pays for us o have sattelite internet- It is very pricey...But sattelite is not reliable- anytime it gets cloudy or rains BAM! no internet- and it is not very fast either!

Organized Nutrition said...

yes, all the neighbors have it... it is much faster than what I have..... LOL! but for real... it is tooo expensive for me!