Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ok, since I am in a deep freeze where I live.... and I can't go outside... I am going to choose a little longer challenge today! Maybe one that might take you an hour or so all together.....
TODAY WE ARE GOING TO CLEAN OUR FREEZERS OUT! I am going to work on my basement freezer... here is my before photo....

NOW, take everything out...boxes and coolers (use the coolers if you are in a warmer place... I plan on putting my outside, since it is WELL BELOW ZERO HERE!) Next, un-plug and defrost it... I used my hair dryer and a flat head screwdriver to get off the ice. This went much faster than I thought it would, 10 min max! Since it is so cold outside where the food was, I could have just let it thaw itself while I went about my day, but then I would have had to drain it somehow or wipe up all that water!

(why does it flip my photos sometimes??? GRRR!)

When you are done, wipe the inside dry and then RE-Organize your things.... This is a great time to do a FREEZER INVENTORY SHEET... You can use this one or this one or even this one (scroll down to #2 PDF file) or you can make up your own! Knowing what is IN YOUR FREEZER will make MEAL PLANNING much easier!

Sooo, here it is, my clean out and organized freezer! Isn't the Frozen Pumpkin on the Left side wonderful??? Had so much I had to share it! AND the great news is, I only threw out a small package of 3 brats (they were well over a year old) and a tube package of turkey, I really don't even know where it come from!) Although I will have to admit, we cleaned out the freezer last april when we got a 1/4 beef!


Now I am NOT going to do this to my OUTSIDE freezer right now... HA, the thing would never thaw anyways, and for the most part it is already organized... THANK GOODNESS! I will let you know that out in that freezer is our garden stuff. The Tomato sauce I made, frozen veggies from the garden, anything we had to freeze from the garden. (except for the pumpkin in the basement freezer!) Also this is where we keep the container to make Ice cream (the kitchenaid attachment) and where we keep the ice cream if we don't eat it all! LOL!

I also keep the muffins that I made out there along with cookies and such. Sometimes I think maybe we need ONE MORE FREEZER!

So, what was the strangest thing you found in your freezer or what things did you end up throwing out?????????

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