Thursday, January 15, 2009


It is cold enough to CANCEL SCHOOL! That is HOW cold it is.... Tons of schools in MN and WI are closed or have late starts today due to COLD COLD COLD weather.... As I sit here is is -22 outside, and that isn't the wind chill which is like -40 or something around that. SOOO a whole day with all 4 kids, inside, without a chance to go outside......I better figure out a plan!!!!!!!!! To bad I am down to just 1 C of flour in the house (I KNOW, HOW DID I LET THAT HAPPEN????) because we could have done all of the baking and prep work for next week! Maybe they can help me do some menu planning or something "FUN" like that, HA! OR maybe a huge REVAMP on their bedrooms, NOW that is a great idea!!!!!!!!!
Is it cold where you are at?????

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