Thursday, January 22, 2009


OK, for todays challenge, I am asking you to get down on you hands and knees! Yes, you may pray while you are down there, but really what I want you to do it SCRUB ONE FLOOR IN YOUR HOUSE! YES, a good ol'fashion cleaning with a bucket and a rag!
While you are down there, wipe the baseboards and up the walls some! Clean the corners good too!
I for one and going to work on my laundry/mud room. This floor gets sooooo dirty this time of year with the kids going in and out! They usually beg me to let THEM mop it, and they usually do the job, but for today I am going to be the one to give it a GOOD CLEANING!!!!!!!!

I know you have 15 min to do this to bless your home today!


Dani-D said...

I'm going to tackle the bathroom tonight. That is 'DOABLE' for me and Dawson can get on his hands and knees and help by following me with a dry rag. You know he's at that age where he likes to help and copy everything we do!

vehementflame said...

OK, I would take your challenge, but I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed my kitchen floor and the fayer on Tuesday. I even moved the appliances and scrubbed under them! HEE HEE! I wish it took 15 minutes. It took me like 15 hours!