Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can't believe I forgot to share this...

OK, I have to share something super funny that my kids said this past weekend!

Story setting is this.... Lucas and 3 friends and our other 3 children are all sitting around the kitchen table starting to eat pizza and applesauce for the birthday party

Lucas-" This apple sauce is homemade, we made it this summer! So is this Pizza Homemade, my mom made it from scratch! The Cookie cake we are eating later is Homemade too, my mom made it, I asked her to!"


I turned and said "HE IS HOMEMADE!"

My oldest than said "I AM ORGANIC!"


Oh, it was so funny! I always tell my kids that some other kids never have homemade food and that they are lucky to have me...LOL, I know, I am brainwashing them, but whatever works, RIGHT!!!!!!!!

By the way, here is the COOL HOMEMADE cookie cake Lucas asked for!

(Of COURSE, WHY would it NOT flip my photo??? CAN ANYONE HELP????)

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Donna said...

lol..tooo funny!
Nice job on the cookie cake!

My kids just think "I'm so weird" for all the strange creations that come from my kitchen and especially the 'brainwashing' they get on 'nutrition'!

BUT- my oldest is now 16, and even though he does most of the teasing...he is the most 'concerned' about what he eats. EX. If he goes somewhere and they only have 'junk'..he HATES it! lol, and will even brag on his 'weird' mother! ;-) Keep up the good work!