Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gratituesday: Face Book

OK, is that a weird thing to be thankful for????? I mean really.... Face Book?????
OK, but it is something to be thankful for!
In just a few days, I have gotten contacted by 5 old friens.... 2 friends I haven't seen in over a yr, an old neighbor friend I haven't seen in over 15 yrs.... and MY BROTHER...LOL!
I couldn't figure the whole thing out at first, and WISH there was a way to ADD my maiden name, (because I didn't do that in the beginning, so if you know a way, PLEASE let me know!)
BUT now that I figured it out... I am loving it! I am alittle afraid to click the FRIENDS button, because they have to CHOOSE to be your friend, and what if they ignore you???????
Either way, I am enjoying it for now!
Go and sign up if you haven't, it is really fun!

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Sara said...

you can edit your name and include your maiden name in " " within your name! I believe you can do that under my account/settings.

Donna said...

My DH just told me, not 5 minutes ago, that I should do a facebook page! :-)

Dani-D said...

I'm thankful for facebook too. I still need you to make my flag banner for me. I need to get those measurements to you. Now that the Holidays are over maybe things will slowly get back on track! :) Oh and do you know how to make pickled watermelon rind? Ever had it? Someone brought on a relish tray to work and it was DELISH but online there are many varieties on how to make it. Hmm...something to think about.

Laura said...

I always think that too! What if I ask them to be my friend and they don't want to be my friend?! What am I, in Jr. High?! :)

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

I use my married and my maiden name with a dash in the middle.... HTH!!!

Farrah said...

I have a facebook. You can find me under my name Farrah Cook Ginter. Yes, you can edit your name under the account settings. I did. Blessings