Monday, January 5, 2009

What did you do this past weekend???

SOOO, it was my very first WHOLE WEEKEND OFF OF WORK! WHY, because I LOST MY JOB... remember from a few posts way back when???? Remember that I would be JOB LESS after the 1st of the year..... well, here it is..... ME, JOBLESS!
So, for fun, I gave the kids to my mom for friday night (she brought them to my sisters Saturday Morning) and me and my hubby had a few drinks and played scrabble all night! Then on Saturday we headed to the Science Museum of MN.... to do the CSI exibit... which was not as great as we thought it would be. BUT we had fun hanging out..... we then picked up Pizza's and had supper at my sisters house... it was fun! The NOT so fun part was driving home in the Ice STORM, but we made it!
Yesterday was chilly, but We sent the kids outside and then got the itch to head out there ourselves! SOOO this is what we did in the cold tundra AKA: backyard! (Kaylin in the shadown in the sled behind Lucas in the green coat... Shayla and Trevor are at the bottom of the SMALL hill!)

And afterwards, we (except for the hubby who can't stand it) drank homemade hot chocolate!

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