Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gratituesday: The Child Called It!

I don't know if this is really something to be grateful for, but I started reading the story "THE CHILD CALLED IT" yesterday when my back hurt so bad, I couldn't function anymore! (FEEL PITY? LOL!) I cried though the chapters I read, and my son asked me "MOM, are you reading that story about the boy who was beat by his mom?" "YES, trev I am..." "MOM, why did she do that to him?" "Trev, I have no idea?" "MOM, where was God when he was being beat?" UGH, I didn't have an answer.... Where was God? WOW, what a profound thought for an 8yr old (this is the same boy who when I told him he could swear all he wanted as long as NO ONE heard him, he said to me "MOM, but God will hear me!" )
SO, today I am grateful for all my friends here who can help me out and give me something to say to my son who wants to know "WHERE WAS GOD MOM?"
THANKS so much!
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Donna said...

This is something that we all have a struggle with, even as adults. I would start by telling him that.

If your little boy went next door and took a bike....your rules still apply but he did steal the bike.

Part of God's love for us was to give us freewill. We can sin. We can live right. Either way, judgment will come.

Part of a believer's hope is that in death and in suffering, that we will see God's grace and know He is there.

Tell the story of the Hebrew boys. They trusted God, whether He saved them from the fire or not.
Tell the story of Stephen. He saw the Lord while being stoned.
Tell the story of a woman in an alley, alone and how she won a man to the Lord weeks later who said that he would have mugged and raped her had it not been for the '2 big guys' walking behind her.

You are doing something well and right for those kinds of questions to arise!

Michelle said...

So many people labour under the misunderstanding that life should be 'fair', that God should protect us from everything. It would be nice if it worked that way...and it's hard to see children figuring out that it just doesn't.

God does not promise us we will always be happy. He does not promise us that we will not be hurt. He does, however, promise to always be with us...and that He can bring good out of evil, if we believe and trust in Him.

Carrie said...

I had the same question when I read that book. It is just horrible, but there are two more books. "The Lost Boy" and "A Man Named Dave".

I highly recommend reading these as well. I believe that God was there and He continued to work through and guide his life so that as a man he would be able to reach and touch thousands more who are abused.

It can be hard to see Gods purpose in all things, we simply have to trust that "God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God" Romans 8:28a (NLT)