Sunday, January 11, 2009


OK, so last weekend on our day OUT.... we bought 2 family size Papa Murphys Pizzas for my sisters house... they cost us $22 ... OUCH!!!!!! almost 1/2 of our OUT TO EAT budget GONE in PIZZA!

SOOO Trev had a friend over on Friday after school and wanted Pizza... SO, I of course made Home Made pizza as always (Recipe will be posted tomorrow)....

Either way, here is the break down of cost....

-$1 for crusts

-$4.50 for cheese (we LOVE CHEESE...LOL, we would have done about $1.50 in Pepperoni, but didn't have any on hand.

-$.50 for Misc (seasonings for sauce, Olive Oil, etc...)

-$0 for tomato sauce (from the garden)

SOOO, $6.00 for 2 Pizzas that fed 7 people... (ignore the fact that the rectangle one is darker, a few of us like it that way!) Plus we had some apples ($2) and some carrots ($1) and some milk ($1)
I mean really I could make almost 8 pizzas for the money we spent last saturday....

AND lastnight the kids and I made Snickerdoodles (Jims Favorite cookie EVER)!
The break down... $2.55 and it made 84 cookies! SOOO a small $.03 a cookie YUM!

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Gabbi said...

I love making homemade pizzas. it is our favorite. Ted makes a super yummy seasoned crust that makes any other pizza seem not so great.

I love your ideas on your blog. You are a great friend!