Friday, February 6, 2009

True confession!!!!!

Hello, my name is Denai, and I am a


Yes, it is true!!!!!

I can't stand the taste of alcohol for the most part... I hate bitter or spicy foods... any food with an odd texture is NOT GOOD... gritty foods are a NO GO, most nuts are OUT, Wine is NOT something I enjoy, and yes, sometimes Ketchup is spicy!
People give me crap all the time and it gets really old... HEY, I CAN'T HELP IT!!!!! It is just the way it is.... I can't GET OVER IT.... I CAN'T TRY HARDER.... I CAN'T PRETEND TO LIKE IT...

Here is the lyrics to a great song by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS

Lyrics to John Lee Supertaster :
When I was 39 years old,
I heard a story.
I found out that there [are] people walking among us
who have superpowers
.These people are called Supertasters.
To a Supertaster,
bitter fruits taste far more bitter,
and sweets far more sweet.
Then, just a few months ago,
I had the chance to meet a real,
live Supertaster named John Lee.
And this is his true story:
Nothing tastes the same (nothing tastes the same)
To a Supertaster (Supertaster)
When he tastes a pear (tastes a pear)
It's like a hundred pears (it's like a million pears)
He's got superpowers (superpowers)
He is a Supertaster (Supertaster)
Every flavor explodes (explodes and explodes)
Explodes and explodes
John Lee Supertaster
Tastes more than we do
Everything has a flavor
Some flavors are too much
Can't shut his mouth (can't shut his mouth)
'Cause he's a Supertaster (Supertaster)
Though he looks like a man (talks like a man)
He is a Supertaster (Supertaster)
Can't drink coffee or beer (coffee or beer)
'Cause he's a Supertaster (Supertaster)
Loves ice cream and pie (ice cream and pie)
He is a Supertaster
John Lee Supertaster
Tastes more than we know
Everything has a flavor
Some flavors must go
So that's me John Lee!!!!! Ok not really, but for real! So next time you make cookies for others, DON'T ADD NUTS, and if you make pizza, KEEP OFF THE VEGGIES, and don't tell a picky person to GROW UP and GET OVER IT... cause it's not going to make it better!!!! It is what it is.....
My Name is Denai, and that is my story!!!!!!!

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