Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am back.... (for a few days....)

OK, I know I said I would be back on monday, but life was so busy for 2 days... Trev stayed home on monday from school, because he was achy all over... I am SURE he would have been just fine going.... BUT what can you do when you are a MOM?
Yesterday we finally ran some much need errands to the store.... I am going to try out some new face cleaner, toner, and moisterizor/treatment stuff..... side note: I have had bad skin since I was 11, yes, that is right, for 20 yrs of my life... that is pretty poopy if you ask me..... I am ALWAYS trying something to see if it works.... My next step is to try that YAZ (sp?) Birthcontrol pill.... sooo we shall see.... BUT In a few weeks, look for a product review from me on the new stuff!!!!!!
I said in my title (FOR A FEW DAYS) because friday night we are heading north 3 hours to HAYWARD, WI for 2 days of snowmobiling!!!!!!! My hubby, me, and my Brother In Law are going while the kids stay back with the Grandparents for those 2 nights! WOW, we never get this much time away and then it gets shoved into 2 weekends in a row.... The kids are just getting off the high of being with their cousins for 3 nights!!!!!!
Nothing else is new around here.... OH, I am getting ready for a craft fair at my childrens school on March 7th... and my BABY does turn 3 next monday... :-( WOW, my baby is going to be 3 yrs old.... She will start Kindergarten in 2 1/2 yrs.... :-( MAN how time flies! AND we are coming up on our 1 yr anniversary of CLEAN EATING!!!!! We began cutting things out last march and now a yr later we are pretty much CLEAN EATERS at home! I have enjoyed so much learning to make the things we used to buy.... One of my favorite things to make can be found HERE...... on my other blog! YUMMMM!!!!!
OK, that is my update post for now.... better get to sewing if I want to sell anything next weekend!!!!!!

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