Wednesday, May 6, 2009

20 Things about me...

20 Of My Favorite Things
1. Color- I love BLUE
3. Smell-vanilla
4. Flower- Daisies!!!!!
5. Animal- I love fuzzy little fur ball kittens
6. Month-June
7. Beverage- I drink water mostly, but I can't pass up a "Sex on the Beach!"
8. Pair of shoes- Comfy pair of sandles
9. Snack-String Cheese or an apple
10. Song- OH, I love music, there are atleast 100 songs that are my fav's!
11. Book- Any book you can LEARN from!
12. Fruit- Apple
13. Hairstyle-Long wavy beautiful hair (this is not mine!)
14. Piece of clothing- any tank top (it is getting warm out!)
15. Store to clothes shop- I love the thrift shops
16. Season-Spring into summer time
17. Hobby-Sewing
18. Thing to collect-FABRIC!!!!
19. Movie- SHAG
20. Restaurant- NONE.... I like eating at home!

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