Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random Stuff....

**** My 7 yr old pulled a tooth out of his own mouth back in July... NOW the MOLAR next to it is falling out, 4 yrs tooo early! ALSO when he did this, he broke part of his Bone Plate in his jaw, and pieces of is bone is coming out... One has already been pulled and is making his gums expose the molars roots!!!! UGH, please pray the ORTHO appt goes well today!
**** My 6 yr old is needing to have TUBES put in her ears... NOT because she gets infections, in fact SHE HAS NEVER HAD ONE... but because it is causing hearing loss... SHE has fluid behind her drums and it has caused her to lose her HIGH Decibile hearing in her ears... and now with cold season, she has lost lots of her hearing.... HER appointment with the ENT is next thursday... PLEASE pray for this!
*****My husband threw his back out while THROWING Manuar on the garden about 6 weeks ago... he is being subborn and won't go and get seen, even though he has a horrible back and has already had 2 surgeries.... BUT I did tell him since Shayla has to have ear stuff done, BETTER get everything out of the way before MAY 1st (the start of our new Health Ins. year!!!)
****Please Pray that my 3 yr old will NOT cry for 90 min next time I take her to the YMCA's daycare so I can workout!!!!!!!!!
****I am going back to school next fall... YES, I will be a OLD college student..... UGH! I am so scared!!!! I plan on going FULL TIME, getting 18 credits...... I figure if I take 15 of them, and they will pay for the last 3 to make 18... I better take the 3 free credits!!!! That saves like $700
SOOO wish me luck and pray that it ALL COMES BACK TO ME!!!!!!!

I think that is it for now..... It has been a crazy year! So many things have gone BAD in our lives and in so many of our friends lives... lots of divorces, lots of lost jobs, lost houses, etc.... HOPEFULLY 2010 will be sooo much better!!!!!! Here is praying!


Sharon said...

definitely will be keeping y'all in our prayers! Here's to a BETTER year in 2010!

Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

Oh wow- I am praying for you and your family. Our son is having oral surgery to have an extra tooth taken out of his gums- on Dec 22nd...oh well, I guess there is never a convenient time for these things. I certainly hope 2010 brings you lots of blessings :)