Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Baby Turned 4!!!

WHERE has the time gone??? My baby.... MY BABY GIRL.... MY VERY LAST BABY.... turned 4!

Kaylin has always ONLY done things when she KNEW she could do them!

*Sitting up... When she began to sit up, she just sat up, NEVER falling over!
*Crawling... the day she turned 6 months old, she got up on all 4's and crawled.... never trying, just doing!

*Walking... The day she walked, she got up and walked... no 1 step or 3 steps, Just walking!
(1 YRS OLD!)
*Going up and down the stairs... When we built our home, we made a gate to match our railing... but we really never had to use it, because she wouldn't even go near the stairs until the day she turned around and crawled down them!
*Talking... Kaylin never really said much, until she could just SAY IT! She of course said MAMA and DADA and other little words, but one day, she just spoke in 2-3 word sentences!
*Chewing gum... Kaylin had to have been the youngest child I have ever met who could chew gum... She started at just over 1 yrs old.... and just started chewing it... NEVER swallowing it! I am sure this is because we are all gum chewers... BUT STILL... 13 months and chewing gum...!
(2 Years Old)
*Potty Training... I tried and tried from 2 1/2 on to potty train the girl, but she just really wanted nothing to do with it! Then the day before she turned 3, I told her "Big Girls who are 3 don't wear diapers, they wear underpants!" and when she woke up on her birthday, she put on panties and never looked back! No accidents, No night time wetting, NOTHING!
She has ALWAYS been this way.... Not really doing until she knows how to FULLY do it! I am NOT sure if this is bad thing or a good thing... HMMMMM......
(3 Years Old)
For being the baby in the family, she is VERY independent! She wants NO help with anything! She will TELL YOU HOW IT IS, and repeat pretty much anything you DO NOT want her to!
She is also very loving still, she wants to cuddle at story time, and dance with you in the kitchen!
Hanging out with Mom is of course, STILL COOL!
She has started liking FRIENDS and wanting to PLAY with them...instead of IGNORE them!
AND, right now she is my spoiled baby, because she gets to spend all day with mom while all the others are in school!
She loves to play barbies, Polly pockets, littlest pet shops, Little ponies, Kitchen set, and Baby dolls!
She is AWESOME at Memory, Go Fish, Counting, but most of all Singing! (She loves Taylor Swift!)
SOOO, Happy 4th birthday baby girl! Your mommy and daddy love you very very much!

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