Friday, May 21, 2010

9 more days...

UGH, only 9 more days until I run my VERY FIRST 1/2 marathon!

Last sunday I went out for a 12 mile run and it was horrible! I was VERY tired because of a girlfriends weekend away, and it was VERY hot outside! I walked which isn't normal for me.... and I sweat a ton, and I even threw up at mile 9! What I didn't do is have shin splits which also isn't normal for me... so that part of the run was good!

I have one more longish run, just 5 miles tomorrow morning, then a 4 mile on monday and a 4 mile on wed. and then that is it! ALL bringing me closer to 13.1 miles!

I will of course post any photos and my results!

I decided that I was going to have a party that night in honor of ME! Drinking and Pizza and a Fire, and Smores.... and FRIENDS!!!

After next sundays run, I will decide if there will be more LONG runs in my future! Keep tuned in to find out!


Sharon said...

Best of luck, my friend! I can't wait for pics and I am glad that there were no shin splints. My husband gets those and has a hard time running.

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