Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So far so good....

Remember this way back at the beginning of the year???

Keep things simply;
use what we have,
borrow what we need,
lend what others can use,
sell what is of value that we no longer want,
and give away all that we can that is just sitting around!
Well, this past weekend I did a garage sale with a friend of mine.... Selling off some things that we NO LONGER needed!
I Made $299.25
The kids all together made $23!
We SOLD some things that were just laying around.... Some bigger toys, but mostly kids books, some clothes, kitchen stuff, JUST STUFF!!!!
The last 2 hours of the sale on Saturday, we decided to give most things away for FREE! It was so fun to see the looks on peoples faces when we told them most stuff was just FREE!!!
NOW, I am not sure I will ever do a garage sale again... I mean the money is great, we plan on adding sides to a small trailer and a crazy looking bike rack to it also, for camping... with the money we made.... BUT I LOVE to give things away!!
(except for underwear, socks, shoes, and my tank tops)
No clothes shopping for us! I do have a thrift store list that I plan on getting to in the next couple weeks... the boys need tank tops, and some more shorts... NOT sure what the girls need... and hubby needs more work jeans!
We have stuck to our budget for almost 4 months now! YEAH!
We have paid off $3440 in debt ($1000 of that to a car we owe my hubby's brother for.) We have put over $2000 into an emergency fund (tax return made this possible!), and we are putting aside EXTRA MONEY from my husbands paychecks (he works commission....)
SO LETS SAY WE NEED $1000 each week to make budget.... and he makes $1123 for the week, we put $123 in savings.... then the following week he makes $925, then we PULL $75 from savings.... So far we are AHEAD... but slow times are coming... but by then hopefully that will be a bigger cushion!
We have even REFINANCED our house to a 15 yr loan... at a lower interest... and the payments only went up $250 a month... NOW TO SCRAP THAT TOGETHER EACH MONTH....LOL!
SO, like the title says....
SO FAR SO GOOD!!!! ALMOST 4 months into the year, and I don't even have a wanting to go shopping!!!! THIS FEELS SO GOOD!!!


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