Wednesday, April 7, 2010

YUCK... guess what the doctor thinks I have....??

OK, so for about 6 weeks or so I have been having stomach pains... which have been getting worse for the past 2 weeks or so!
Anyways, these pains come when I eat... and after I eat just a small serving of something, they get bad and I feel super full and yucky! I am sometimes to sick to my stomach to even get anything done... UGH!
SO, yesterday I went to the doctor, and he thinks I have
AKA: TOOOOO much stomach acid working in there.... causing pains!
If you wanna know more.... I read lots online of course and found this site very helpful!
I am not sure if that is it for now... but I will take the meds he gave me and see if it helps...
UPDATE COMING IN THE FUTURE!!! But for now, I will keep eating little meals and hope that the meds help!

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Sharon said...

It is never fun to be diagnosed with something. Hope it is all figured out soon for you so that you can get it taken care of and can move on.