Thursday, August 21, 2008

How many hours in a day???

How much can a person do in 24 hrs????
To answer that question, I will tell you about my past 24 hours.....
Here is my family cutting up 20 quarts worth of green beans
We ended up canning 14 quarts of them to make a total of 81 quarts so far this year (I think we will be done canning them now....) I blanched and froze the rest of the beans.
We cleaned up the canning mess and headed to bed about 22 hours ago!
Here is the canning I did today...
11 pints of pickles and 4 pints of tomatoes (small picking of the red things huh???!!!)

And for our baked chicken with tomatoes (canned last season) I made 18 Honey muffins. They are more like a roll than a muffin!!! Perfect for lots of meals! (recipe will be posted in the future!) We also ate a quart of those GREEN beans we canned last night... after TONS AND TONS of jars of green beans, ONE didn't seal.... Don't ask, Don't tell!!! OH, and yummy cuccumber that didn't get pickled!

Right as we were sitting down to dinner, I popped these 35 SUPER YUMMY 'Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins' into the hot oven (hey while it's hot from cooking dinner, WHY NOT???) These are now in the freezer since We still have some blueberry crumb top muffins in the fridge! BECAUSE: Hey, muffins make a great SNACK food for the kids!

Last but not least.....

4 dozen Peanut Butter Cookies!

These are my oldest Sons favorite cookies and he has been begging for them for WEEKS! SOOOO you guessed it, while the oven was still hot, WHY NOT???!!!

I did manage to find some time while the tomatoes where in the canner to sew 3 boys aprons for my ETSY SHOP !!!! I also washed and hung out to dry 2 loads of laundry (super size!), Drove into town (yes, I live in the boonies) to run to the bank and post office, folded 2 loads of laundry, and picked up the house about 25 times (ok, that is a joke, my kids had to pick up their toys, but I did help the girls clean their room, does that count????) NOW, since it is ONLY 9pm here, I am going to head off to my sewing room to sew up a few more items before I FALL into bed for the night!

SOOOOOO How many hours are in a day???? And how will you fit everything in????


Laura said...

Well, fun to read your blog!!!!!!!!!

You did a TON of stuff in one 24 hour period. I'm worn out from just reading it! Although I'd probably be revived from eating one of those yummy looking muffins or cookies... :)

Our Army of Six said...

Okay, seriously, I just came across your blog after looking for ideas on how to can applesauce and I love how much we have in common (most you've already learned and I'm trying to learn!). Seriously, I want you to be my friend! lol