Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OH, I am soooo tired!

WOW, there must be something in the air today, because the kids have been the worst they have been all summer.... I haven't yelled in MONTHS.... (we started 'Love And Logic' parenting in March and I have been doing really well with it.... BUT today, I fell off the PLAN per say and yelled at the kids... UGH! They were killing eachother after all.... but that doesn't make a very good excuse.... SOOO needless to say, I am VERY tired from getting soooo upset! I think I will crawl into my craft room and sew something to make me feel better. (I already ate a chocolate bar and that didn't work, I KNOW.... :-( I should have really worked out or something instead.
We did finish canning all the apples we had picked ---- Another 28 quarts DONE! Of course we have to give some away to the people that let us pick, but that is OK, because we are going to pick more and more apples for the next 2 months! CAN you say 100+ jars will be canned this year!
Alright, better run.... The eggplant I am cooking smells yummy! (We have never had this before, so it is something NEW TO ME!) Thanks to Mary from carolinamomma blog for the recipe (it is from my FAVORITE recipe site too!) I will let you know how it turns out!

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