Friday, August 22, 2008

OH, where does the day go????

Today is almost over for me since I have to leave for work in 2 hours.... I work on a dinner train part time as a Car Captian (Chef on the train and boss of my section). SOOO 2 more hours to finish cleaning up this house (2 bathrooms done and the Laundry room is TOTALLY cleaned from TOP to BOTTOM... that happens only a few times a year :-) Also need to make 5 beds since it was HAPPY SHEETS DAY (that is how I have answered the phone all day today :-)
There is STILL a load of darks to be hung out to dry which I will do when I get off this computer and put the yougest down for a nap! Then off to work until 12 AM... I am looking forward to crawling into bed around 1 in the morning!

OK,,,,, SOOOO you wanna learn about something today???!!! Well even if you don't, here goes some useless knowledge of mine!


Ok, so that was pretty funny, but it is true! Have any of you seen the MAD TV clip of that? It is REALLY funny!
HOW do you eat less???? Eat more fiber! Fiber is VERY filling (I eat a bowl of vanilla shredded wheat from Trader Joes, pretty much every morning for breakfast, and it tides me over for 4-5 hours, NOT kidding!) Oatmeal also has the same effect! Any thing NOT high in fiber, but high in sugar (like MORE cereals) leave you hungry after just a hour or so, because your blood sugar spikes and then DROPS, leaving you tired and HUNGRY!!!!!
Protien also fills you up, so make sure to have some with each meal!
Also remember to choose fruits (make sure to eat the skin) and veggies at each meal! They are loaded with fiber and keep the OLD SYSTEM' Flowing if you know what I mean!
ALSO, don't forget the water... WATER WATER WATER! This is hard for me, but if I fill up a 1/2 gallon full of water and put it in the fridge, I know I need to drink atleast that in the course of my day! Make sure to drink a glass right before you eat, you will eat less, I PROMISE! and EAT slowly, listen to you body!!!!!!!!!!

NOW, move more.... this is hard for most people! I will write about this more later!

Do you have any thoughts on how to EAT LESS?????

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