Wednesday, August 26, 2009


SO, we took our VERY FIRST AS A FAMILY camping trip! It was very fun!!!! The hiking, the beach, the cooking on the fire, ALL FUN!!!!!!!! NOT fun was the fact the temp got down to 45 at night... that was NOT FUN!!!! BUT that was OK, we lived.... OH, also not fun, sleeping on the ground... YES, hubby and I did have those self inflating mats, and a sleeping bag for comfort, but still.. I AM NOT SURE adult bodies should sleep on the ground!!!

Our site was great, HUGE, full of nice trees, and tucked back in the camp ground. We choose to have NO electricty, which was OK... didn't need it anyways!

Anyways we ate many smores, a few too many chips, plump on the fire hot dogs, Pocket Pizza's, and some other fun camp things!!!! We enjoyed a few hours on the beach (SO MAD I FORGOT TO GRAB MY CAMERA....) because we built a great sand castle... OK, not great, but the only one on the beach..... The kids collected TONS of rocks to bring home... YEAH (NOT!) and we also took a hike though the woods!

All of this inspired the good ol' hubby to look into saving for a pop up camper! Not only for more room, but for some storage while we camp.... I mean really, the van was LOAD to the TOP! 4 kids, a tent, 6 sleeping bags, 2 roll up mats, 6 fleece blankets, 6 pillows, a large cooler, 2 bags of food, 2 adult fold up chairs, 4 kids ones, a water jug, a suit case of towels, and a large TOTE with all the clothes in it!!!! That was just for a weekend...LOL!!!!!!
Anyways, we are planning a few camping outings next summer, the kids loved it and we had a good time too!!!!!!


Gabbi said...

I don't know how you did it, but you made camping sound...FUN!

I am jealous of the smores. Seriously. Jealous.

Organized Nutrition said...

We have them all the time Gabbi! You need to come over and eat some! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that adult bodies are NOT meant to sleep on the ground, but we still go camping...doesn't that fall under the definition for insanity!?! :)

Fun pics! I wish I could've seen your great sand castle...that'll teach you to leave your camera behind! :)By the way I am glad that we now have found each other and can keep up with one another!