Friday, February 19, 2010


OK, I don't call it my STUDIO...LOL, I call it MY ROOM! As in "GET OUT OF MY ROOM, I AM BUSY!" or " I AM GOING TO MY ROOM!" or "HEY, WANNA SEE MY ROOM?"
This is the room I LOVE in my house.... it is ALL MINE... ALL MINE!
It is not finished yet... I don't know if/when it will ever be finished... but all it really needs is a door and molding and base board... and a closet door! For now there is a sheet hanging in the door way, and that works just fine (although, it does NOT stop others from just walking in...

HELLO, ever heard of knocking on the sheet????

This is the place that all my creativity flows and the place that I make all the wonderful items I put in my Etsy Shop!

Fun things like Doll Diapers

Or Little Bags for kids that are great for trips to the library!

And Kids Aprons so they can help you in the kitchen!

Of course there are other great things like I SPY QUILTS, and CHALK BOARD MATS, and MONEY APRONS, that are also great for wearing around the house while you are cleaning, to put your little items in!

There you have it..... MY STUDIO!

P.S: No it isn't always that clean.... but I couldn't show it to you messy, could I? AND YES, the cabinets and drawers are all full of FUN FABRIC!!


Donna said...

Very very nice!
I'm jealous of your room!
:-) But I'm happy for you- you really have a great gift and talent in your sewing! Beautiful work!

Organized Nutrition said...

THanks Donna!!! It has NOT window, which at times is sad... but I can OPEN the sheet..(LOL) and let sun in from the deck door outside of the room....