Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So, yesterday I headed to the THRIFT STORE because it was 50% off day for presidents day! It is always crazy there, but I did learn that you should go right around lunch time... The huge 10am rush seems to be clearing out and others are busy going to get lunch... It is still BUSY, but lots better than getting there right when the doors open!

SO here is what I got... ALL FOR ONLY $47.63!!!!!
5 size 12 pairs of jeans
1 size 10 pair of jeans
1 size 10 pair of basketball shorts
1 size 4 1/2 pair of Nike skater shoes

1 size 12 Pair of Tan Cargo Pants

2 size 8 pair of basketball shorts

3 super cute tank tops

1 purple gymnastics outfit!

2 Tank tops for running

2 tank tops for summer (if you know me, I LIVE in tank top for 1/2 the year!)

3 Tee Shirts, 1 NICE cute shirt, and 1 shirt for my Sister In Law (the black and turq. one!)

Not Pictured, but a Plain Grey Sweatshirt

Magic Tree house book, 1 Deltora book, Scatergories for kids, and a dora memory game!
(NOT pictured is a Flower shaped Ice Pack for the cold lunches!)

I did set a goal for this year.....
My goal is....

To buy all our clothing needs at the thrift store,
except for Underwear, Socks, and Tennis Shoes!

***I know some people could never bring themselves to shop at a thrift store, and that is OK, but my belief is "WHY BUY NEW?" when these shops have so many nice things just waiting for a new home! I have never had anyone come up to me and say "Great Shirt, Did you get that at the thrift store?" In fact when I usually follow it up with "THANKS, I got this at the thrift store!" They are usually shocked that something cute and in great shape could be second hand!

My challenge to you is.... Try out a thrift store if you never have! You do NOT know what you are missing out on...

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Our Army of Six said...

Okay, really, we need to be friends! We have a favorite thrift store that is very well organized and clean. It has a sale every Sunday of a certain color tag is 25 cents of 5/1.00. Another tag is half off. We just went Sunday and filled up half of a big black trashbag for $19. I love it!!