Sunday, January 3, 2010

Many posts... Much to say.....

OK, so it has been WAY TO LONG since I have undated this thing... A WHOLE MONTH... UGH!

SOOO, here is the update from the LAST update a month ago....

#1- Lucas saw the ORTHO and they wouldn't do anything for him... they wanted him to go to the oral surgeon, but when I called them, they said they would do nothing also.... SO I told the boy if he PULLED the tooth himself.... I would pay him $10... ALAS, the tooth was pulled out yesterday... NOW I HAVE TO COUGH UP $10! BUT our next move is to now go back to the ORTHO and and have them decide on a spacer!

Crazy news is, Shayla had to see the ORTHO also and ended up having to head to the Oral Surgeon... poor thing is now missing 7 teeth.... and she is ONLY 6!

#2- Speaking of Shayla... Her surgery for her tubes is set for January 14th! She is very much looking forward to is... as she will not hear as if she is underwater all the time! Her hearing test showed that she hears as if she has her fingers in her ears all the time! The great news is, that she hears perfect BEHIND the fluid and her drums!

#3- Jims back was feeling better, and then on new years eve some time... he hurt it again... woke up on the 1st with back pain..... I don't know how much longer I can hound him to GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!!!

#4- LOL, praying didn't work! I took all 4 kids to the YMCA on Wed. last week (because it was my only option!) I thought her having a sister and 2 brothers there to play with would help... NOPE, she screamed for a few minutes, hit the head woman, kicked the door over and over and threw her shoes.... She finally stopped and just cried quietly for the rest of the 45 min!!!!! MAYBE PRAY AGAIN, OK!

#5- In 2 days I head to school for a finacial aid meeting! I am nervous and excited at the same time! I am sure we will get some help.... and that makes me happy, but I am scared of the LOANS we will have to get also! PRAY PRAY PRAY.... and then PRAY again!OK, that is just the update on the last RANDOM STUFF post!

For this new year; I am hoping to get in connect with some old friends, keep in contact with my present friends, and maybe in the course of the year, make some new friends!

OH, and my goal for this BLOG this year is to post more family friendly recipes, post more thursday challenges, and a few monday missions! OH, and I guess over all, JUST POST MORE OFTEN!!!!!!!!!!

Here is hoping everyone has a wonderful 2010!!!!!


Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

We had a trip to the oral surgeon lately too...must be that time of year :)

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

You have quite the year of surgery planning. Hope the financial aid works and I so understand all the loan headache stuff. We are footing our own way through the MBA program and I am praying we get a new job that pays for at least half of school for us.

Good luck! Happy New Year!