Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gratituesday: A NEW JOB!!!!

Ok, not to beat a dead horse, but my hubby GOT THE JOB!!!!!!! YES, you heard me right! GOT THE JOB!!!!!
Life will change around here starting next Monday and MONEY will be VERY TIGHT for awhile while we have to pay our $900 Health ins. ourselves for 2 months (who has that kind of money lying around????) BUT I know GOD is in control and that this is an answer to our prayers! SOOO I will put it all in his hands and let him have that control! I will NOT worry about things and when I start to, I will PRAY!!!!!
THANKS to all who prayed for my hubby last week!
Good things are happening all around us!
Take the time to notice them!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Donna said...

May the Lord work it all out for you! He is faithful!

Laura said...

I'll pray that the transition will go well and that the insurance money will not cause any stress to you. God always provides!