Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween FUN!

So here is what my children ended up looking like before we headed out to trick or treat!!!

Aren't they CUTE!!!????

And for Supper, here is our Halloween supper!

Bones and Blood
(Parmesan flat bread and sauce)

Brains in a Skull
(mashed potatoes in a Cabbage Leaf)

Frankenstiens Guts
(Canned meat)

It was the best I could come up with because I procrastinated until yesterday... maybe next year I will brainstorm further in advance!

Of course, my kids scored lots of candy even though we only hit maybe 15 houses or so in our old neighborhood (where we both grew up!) I made them pool it all together this morning and then kept only the chocolate and some WHITE boes that the inlaws gave them.... The rest is heading to my work with me today (the tootsie rolls are going too since they have TRANS FATS in them... OUCH, they used to be my favorite candy!) Only my 6 yr old is upset at the candy leaving... the others (except the 2 yr old who could care less) know that it is for their own good! NOW to find out what is in a butterfinger!

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