Thursday, November 20, 2008


Ok, it has been a few weeks since a THURSDAY CHALLENGE!!!!!
So here is one to get your butt movin' for Chirstmas time....!

START YOUR GIFT LIST.... if you don't have one already!
You don't want to OVERSPEND or buy more than you meant to, or FORGET someone!

Start with a budget first.... (here is a SHEET you can use! you can break it down using THIS )
-what do you have to spend in the first place????? DO NOT CHARGE GIFTS!!!! NO ONE wants you to go into debt just to IMPRESS THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So be honest about what you have to spend!
-Figure out what you can MAKE to give away! This will save Money and it will IMPRESS others!
*Cookie mix in a jar
*Baked Goods
*Sew Something for them
*Put together a book of your favorite recipes

ALSO here is SITE with gift ideas under $10!!!!!!

Start this NOW before you budget gets out of hand!!!! Stick to it!!!! It will feel SOOOO GOOD when the new year comes and you DON'T get a Credit Card Bill in the mail making you feel horrible about the holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember to give of YOURSELF this holiday season!!!! People like to receive services! Give your friends and family YOURSELF!
Coupons for babysitting, a COOKIE of the month club, a Meal of the month club (this is great for family members or BUSY moms!), A girls night out, A Day of helping them Clean up, etc.....
You know what you are good at.... JUST DO IT, instead of BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gabbi said...

Okay, Cookie of the Month Club is a great idea! I might even do that one for one of my sisters who loves cookies. I could make her a dozen cookies once a month. It would be fun!
Great idea!
Love, Gab

Dani-D said...

Okay I'm going to forward this to my Mom and Sister so they can offer ME a 'night on the town' or 'cleaning services' in place of a gift! GREAT IDEAS because working Mom's need this stuff. It's better than any materialistic gift they could buy in my eyes. We don't really exchange gifts anymore (only Dawson will make out like a bandit) rather we do something fun as a family together. So this year we are going to see the play Elves & the Shoemaker at the Old Log Theatre in Excelsior,MN. Secretly hoping Dawson (being 18mo old then) doesn't throw a tantrum or destroy the place!