Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Dwelling Place...

So, our local christian station is called KTIS... and they have a website called i can help twincities
This is where I found out about the dwelling place shelter. They were looking for people to RE-Do a bedroom in the shelter! So my family along with my girlfriend Gabbi , and her daughter Grace, took on a bedroom at the shelter! I asked some of my friends and family for donations twards the room, and we were well on our way! Saturday was the big day! I left the girls at my inlaws and headed up to Shelter with my hubby, the boys, Gabbi and Grace. They all painted while I sew'd up curtains for the windows!!!!
All and all it was a great time and it felt so good doing something for all those woman in need!
My husband might even be heading back to paint the kitchen and livingroom for the house!
I do not have before photo at this time... but the room was a plain white color...
Here is the beautiful room afterwards!!!!

If you live in the area, Check out i can help twincities .com there are so many opportunites out there to help out with!!!!!!

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