Monday, March 2, 2009


My baby turns 3 today !

Kaylin is such a fun little girl! She loves to sing all day long, say her ABC's and dance! She loves 24 Piece puzzles and playing memory! She loves helping make DOUGH for bread and also eating it!!!!! She is a great painter and loves making pictures for grandpa! She is our little over-achiever!!!! When she learned to sit up, she just sat up and never fell... when she learned to crawl at her 6 mo. birthday, she just crawled... when she learned to walk, she just walked and never fell.... When she learned to talk, she just started rambling!!!!! She is very intellegent for her age, but I am sure it has TONS to do with her having 3 older siblings!!!!! She is a mother hen even though she has no one younger to take care of! She enjoys playing barbies with her sister and legos with her brothers. She also loves folding washclothes when the kids have to fold the load of towels!!!! She can set the table all by herself, and loves to vacuum the kitchen floor after we eat! AH, Kaylin is just our Blond haired princess!!!!!!!


Mommy and Daddy Love you very very much!!!!!!!!!

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