Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gratituesday: My IPOD!

I know, really Denai, is that all you have????
But yes, that is it for today!
(First, I just want to say, I am grateful to even have the IPOD, I got if FREE with our credit card rewards! YEP, I could have used the rewards on lots of things, but sometimes you just have to reward yourself... NOW of course if they had a grainmill instead, I would have gotten that!!!!)

I am grateful to be able to grab it at any time and listen to any music I want to hear at the time!
I love music! I mean really LOVE music! All kinds of music, but lately I have been loving Worship Music the most! "Sara Groves" fills my heart, "Go Fish" makes me boogie, "Third Day" just is wonderful, "Casting Crowns" well, need I say more????? OH, all these great singers and more fill my IPOD with worship and praise and my soul with such love and compansion!
Who wouldn't be grateful for a THING that helps keep God with you when you need him!!!!!

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1 comment:

Sarah said...

That is a great thing to be thankful for. I am suspecting (hoping) that I will be getting an IPOD for my birthday.