Monday, March 16, 2009


OH, the best thing EVER EVER EVER (ok , so far this year!) just happened this weekend! My girlfriend told me about Sprints NEW Broadband USB modem!!! So on Saturday after we finished our ROOM RE-DO ( I will blog about that later!) I went to BEST BUY and got a USB modem! AND let me tell you guys... this things is fast... ( I HAD DIAL UP TO ALL WHO WANT TO FEEL SAD FOR ME!) I would rarely download music from ITUNES because it took ATLEAST 10 min for a song... now BOOM, 30 secs! WOW~ I have had to have friends upload my photos to Shutterfly, but now... BOOM... I Can do it myself!
DOWN SIDE.... yes there is one..... I have to figure out where to scrape up $45 more dollars a month to pay for it.... YES, I could give up most of my allowance (all but $5 to be exact) BUT I would rather just try to SELL MORE on etsy! SOOO, look forward to a sale sometime in the near future!!!!!!
Just wanted to share my news!!!!!

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