Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gratituesday: My God Is An Awesome God!

How was GOD great, in 2008? (OH, I am a poet!)

Here is how God was great in a nut shell!

1- New Job for my Hubby after 16 yrs at one place!
2- My Old Job back (up until last sunday :-( to help me bring in money for our family!
3- A great YIELD in our garden! Enough to share with many!!!!!
4- Over 200 LBS of apples from our adopted Grandparents! (this ='s over 150 jars of apple sauce!)
5- Making great new friends!
6-Showing me the way to eat "CLEAN" this year has made a huge difference in my family! PLUS, I got to meet so many Woman on blogs here online who are a great support when I feel those around me are LAUGHING at me!
7- the finances to purchase my WONDERFUL Kitchenaid (ok, so that is a really selfish "THANK GOD" thing, but come on I bless my family with it daily!)
8- My ETSY shop selling lots... bringing me to over 360 sales!
9- Did I mention great friendships, in real life and online?????
and Number 10-
Giving me my wonderful family on more year, with out sickness, accidents, etc.... Showing me that my children and my husband are the greatest people here on earth, and I shouldn't take advantage of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Laura said...

What a great list! This is SO much fun to read everyone's 2008 lists! I'm so glad your Etsy shop did so well!!