Friday, December 26, 2008

These are the cutest kids EVER!!!!

OK, maybe I am ALITTLE bias... but I just think... HOW did I make such cute kids????

OK, so our christmas this year was pretty good!

Small gathering on the EVE at my inlaws because my hubbies sister and family couldn't come... so we were only 14 people instead of 18! (of course my family makes up 6 of those!)

The kids LOVED what the grandparents gave them on Christmas Eve so that is always wonderful! AND my favorite gift (I only got 4 of them, so it was a HARD CHOICE!) was a NEW cutting Mat from my Brother in Law! HMMMM, how did he know mine was getting old???!!!!

Yesterday I hosted Christmas at my house and it went off PRETTY well... ALL except for the NERF BALL SHOOTING GUNS my MOTHER got for 5 hyper, crazy, must be strung up by their toe nails, boys.... all between the ages of ALMOST 7 to 10 HELLO, what on EARTH was she thinking..... UMMM, I DON'T THINK THAT SHE WAS!!!!!!!!!! The balls were flying everywhere and my 31 yr old BROTHER, started shooting them out of his MOUTH of all things.... OH, how I was glad when they finally STOPPED!
I also invited a good friend of mine and her family over for dinner with all of us, because they didn't have plans! (HELLO GABBI!) They SAID they had a good time, but maybe in the future the truth will come out and they will tell us that my family SCARED THEM! We are like the Griswalds meet Disfunction! BUT, after the night was done and everyone left.... we were happy to have had the chance to hang out with everyone and also happy that NOTHING go broken, all except for Lucas' necklace that my nephew kept pulling off of luke's neck! (this is the same kid who ripped Trevor's Shirt off his body last christmas! UGH<>

SOOO, all in all it was a faily good christmas this year! Always a good time of the year to thank God for all that he does and all that he gives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Momto3LittleFlowers said...

I asked myself the same question all the time... How did those 3 beautiful little girls are my daughters...

Anyway, your kids are gorgeous!!! I always dreamed with having 2 boys and 2 girls, but I wouldnt have it in any other way as the way I got !!!