Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's New Wednesday??!!

What is NEW?!?!?!?!?!

1. Christmas is soooooo close I can taste it, AND I am scared! Scared I will not ge done all the things I need to GET DONE!!!!! Besides having to keep up with my ETSY shop, I have an order for 2 child quilts, 3 MY FIRST purses (ok, finished ONE the other night!), 2 MORE backpacks (I have already delivered 2) and that is JUST FOR PEOPLE at work! Then for my own gifts to give, I have to make ATLEAST 5 sports bags.... (smaller version of my laundry bags) BUT I would LOVE to get my boys done also, so that is 7 bags!
2. Atleast the christmas cookies are DONE!
3. I am having MY SIDE of the family over HERE for christmas... YES, call me crazy, but I just hate the complaining my mother does when she HAS to have it at her house!
5. I finally went to see Jim's new work... the people were really nice and they are all in love with me... (I send baked goods on fridays for their big LUNCH!)
6. I have the worst cold ever! I am even medicating it... which I HATE doing! Now of course my head is in a fog.... UGH, you can never win!
7. My kids are in their first christmas play at church! They are all excited and the grandparents are all coming to see them! I even took off work so I could go (YES, sometimes you have to be a good mommy!)
8. I have lots of boxes of STUFF to wrap up for my kids gifts... This year we are ONLY doing handmade for them.... so I have traded on etsy and bought somethings... and made some things..... Hopefully they won't be TOOOO let down...LOL! Of course SANTA will bring something from the store... Just have NO IDEA what that will be yet! Of course they will all get NEW sweatshirts I am sure... since that is SANTA'S tradition at our house!
9. Have I mentioned my cold.....???????????????
10. OH, the best news ever! I bought MORE flannel today! LOL! LOTS AND LOTS of flannel! FOR making LOTS AND LOTS of diapers with....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all, I can't think of anything that is NEW here!
Anything NEW with YOU??????????????

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