Monday, December 22, 2008

My Rules!

OK, today after reading another blog, I thought of some RULE'S I think EVERYONE should follow and but that some people DO NOT!

When you BORROW something.... Give it back in BETTER shape then your borrowed it in!

When you BREAK something that you are BORROWING.... REPLACE IT!!!!!!

I truly believe in borrowing things that you NEED and Lending out things that others need! BUT there are SOME PEOPLE in my life that I just have decided to NOT LEND THING TO! They NEVER return them in a timely manner, they NEVER clean what they borrow, AND sometimes the item comes back broken!!!! I really believe GOD gives to those who care for others property!

IT goes like this.....
While we rented an apartment when first married.... we took care of it like our own house... we didn't eat in the livingroom, we cleaned up every spill, we didn't damage anything! BECAUSE I would tell my husband "I want a house one day and GOD will not provide that if you don't care for others housing!" ALSA, 3 months into our marriage we got our first home! Then after 5 yrs, we sold that home.... After caring for it and fixing it up, we made 45,000 on it! Yes, you read that right..... we bought it for 90,000 and 5 yrs later sold it for 143,000.... so after Relitor fees, we made that much money!!! So great to have to use when we built our new home! BUT we HAD TO RENT while we built! SO, back to renting and back to treating it like our own! This time though we had 3 children when renting! We found a great duplex in the middle of the country to rent (this is where we pick our hundreds of pounds of apples from each year)
To this VERY DAY, we have been their FAVORITE renters EVER! (and they have rented to others in 3 different duplex's for YEARS and YEARS! WHY you might ask.... BECAUSE we cared for their place!!!!! We were LENT this great home to keep our family in and we TOOK CARE OF IT like our OWN!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, that was a long tangent, but I think you catch my drift!

SOOOO, one of my top rules just follows the GOLDEN RULE we all grew up hearing!

OH, and also when walking somewhere like the mall, DON'T just STOP in the middle of the walking area to DO SOMETHING... this is one of my BIGGEST PET PEEVES!!!! Move to the side.... we do not ever STOP in the middle of the freeway to Tie our kids shoes!!!!!!!!

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Gabbi said...

I hope I have returned everything I have borrowed ( :

Good reminder especially in this busy season when things get hectic. It is a reminder to us to be grateful for the assistance others give us everyday.

Thanks for all you do for me!