Monday, July 6, 2009

Bread you will LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With my new bread recipe!!! Thanks to my GREAT blog friend DONNA, I was turned onto the urban homemaker and her yummy recipe for BREAD!
Here is a secret! I use WHEY POWDER for the dough enhancer (1 T. for the 2 loaves, which actually makes 3 loaves! The picture shows 2 loaves from the recipe, but they were HUGE and next time I will make 3!!!!!!!) I also use 1 t. Vitamin C powder. The canister will last a LONG TIME!!!!!!!! I do use Coconut Oil for the oil also!!!!!!!! OH, and I added 1/4 C. gluten flour too!
I did figure out that the most costly thing in this is the honey, but a LARGE loaf only cost just under $1!!!!! NOT BAD AT ALL! considering I am using fresh milled Hard White Wheat Berries & Coconut oil. One could do this for much cheaper using cheaper flour and canola or vegtable oil!
I used this recipe for Hamburger buns the other day, and even my picky hubby was super impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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