Tuesday, July 14, 2009


What a great CONCERT this was!!!!!!!!!
The kids all had a great time..... Jim said he had an OK time... and I thought it was super fun!
The best part was looking over at my 9 yr old singing away to the music without a care in the world, worshiping God!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have a chance to take your children to see them, DO IT!!!!!!!!! You will NOT regret the money spent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The church that held the concert sat 850 people, they sold 700 seats (to keep the seating comfy!) and since we got there early to stand in line, we were in row 6!!!!!! At one point, all the guys headed into the audience to greet the kids...... ANDY, (they LOW NOTE GUY) shook my kids hands, even TRYING to get K to shake his.... IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

FYI: for all your moms who live around MN, they will be at the hearts-at-home conference in Rochester, MN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I will be heading there FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!! Not just for GO FISH, but for all the wonderful workshops and speakers!

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