Friday, July 10, 2009

What's New Wednesday??!! ON FRIDAY!!!!!

So it has been a long time since I did WHATS NEW????
here goes!
1- Our garden is on a roll..... producing more peas than I can freeze fast enough! I am heading out to pick yet again soon!!!!! (I will post pictures soon!) The green beans are flowering and the tomatoes have lots of green balls waiting to grow bigger and turn red!!!!! AND, the strawberries are ALMOST done... so sad!
2- The kids are enjoying their summer! Trev just got done with swim lessons and passed to go on to the next level! WAY TO GO BOY! Luke and Shayla are loving Gymnastics!!! Only downfall I see is they don't have the GUY things there, like the rings and the parallel bars!!!! :-(
3- We are going to see Go Fish Guys tonight and are sooo excited!!!!!! The kids love jamming out to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don't think they are half bad myself!
4- We are heading to a wedding in 2 weeks and are super excited about seeing family we haven't see for awhile! Too bad the drive is 4 hours and we have to stay in a hotel....LOL!!!!
5- My husbands Co-workers are in love with me... I don't know if that is a good thing....LOL! See, I send a homemade item each week for their treat! My husband has been their since mid November and I have only made the same things twice (that was brownies....) They think I am amazing... I think I will let them keep believing that!
6- There have only been 4-5 HOT HOT days so far this summer so that is super good... unfortunatly there has only been 4-5 days with lots of rain too... that is a super bad thing!!!!!
7- My boys head to Church Bible Camp at the end of this month.... 5 days, 5 1/2 hours a day! YAHOOOOO!!!!!
8- My good friend from Wyoming might fly out here with her 3 kids at the beginning of August! I am so excited... we vacationed with them 2 yrs ago in South Dakota and I miss them dearly! Now to look into renting a passanger van.... !!!!!
9-Summer break is almost 1/2 way done..... AND my baby girl (ok she isn't the baby, but aren't they all the baby???) is almost 6! WOW, 6 and ready to start all day kindergarden!!!!!
10- I have missed blogging due to the busy summer we are having.... soon very soon my days will change again and I will be home with just one baby... (OK again, not a baby, but she is the BABY!!!!)

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