Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It Pays To Complain....

I just wanted to let you all know that when you are happy with a product that you purchased, it really does pay to compliment the company! AND on the flip side, if you are unhappy, it pays to COMPLAIN about the product!
Here is a few examples….
When my husband wanted some thousand island dressing awhile back, I bought the kraft like I used to… only this time they had changed the recipe…kraft began making their dressings more natural without STUFF added in… KUDOS to them… right….????? Of course! BUT my husband hated it… he said it was horrible and didn’t want to eat it! SOOO I wrote kraft, thanked them for being ahead of the times, changing their recipes, but that their thousand island was no longer what it had been…. They sent me a coupon for a FREE bottle of any of their dressing!!!!
I also bought Hidden Valley Ranch ORGANIC (we love their orig. stuff, but wanting to find dressing without MSG, I went for this!) IT WAS SO GROSS! It tasted just like mayo… only worse! I wrote, letting them know that we loved their dressing, but the organic was NOT what I expected from them! I got a coupon for a FREE bottle (any size!) of their dressing!
I learned that DANNON Kids yogurt is NOW being made HFCS free and DYE free… OH I was sooo happy, I ran out and bought some just so the kids could try it… THEY loved it…. SO I wrote the company complimenting them on how it was great that they were the first to pull those things from the KIDS line of yogurt and how appreciative I and I am sure lots of others were! I was sent 2 free dannon kids drink pack coupons!
AND my latest was a box of truvia that I purchased for myself… It is a great product, I like to use it in my smoothies, but I pulled out 4 empty packets from a box of 40…. HELLO, these things run about .08 a packet! SOOOO I jumped online and sent them a message, stating that I loved thier product, but was disapointed in finding empty packets in my box (they were part of the 40!) I received a FREE product coupon in the mail…
I also wrote to Thomas’ about their bagels (a COMPLIMENT on having a product with out Hydr. oils and with out HFCS!!!!) I received 2 $1.00 of coupons in the mail as a thankyou for the compliment!!!!
NOW I don’t do this to get FREE things!!!! I think as comsumers, we have loud voices that we should use more often, either to complain or to compliment!!!!!! Things will not change unless the companies know about them!!!!!!!

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Dani-D said...

I am so happy to find out that Dannon makes a HFCS free yogurt! Can't wait to go buy it now! Keep your findings coming! I also can't wait to send some compliments in when I find new favorites.