Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gratituesday: A FIVE day WEEKEND

Atleast a 5 day weekend for the kids! (I still have to work :-( boo)
We are planning on doing some fun things for the next 3 days.... well, maybe not tomorrow, we are actually CLEANING OUT the house... getting rid of UN-NEEDED things to goodwill! Toys will be the FIRST thing to go since christmas will be here before you know it! (FYI: We are NOT buying our children toys this year, we are also not buying them for the neices and nephews! HANDMADE all the way this year!!!! )
We have confrences with the kids teachers tomorrow night, which I am super excited about! It is always great to hear/ or not so great to hear, how the kids are doing in school! (this is most important with our 5 yr old in Preschool, she is Oppositional Defiant and Mild PDD, but the teacher was NOT supposed to be informed of that, I wanted her to FIND things on her own instead of LOOK for them, KWIM!?!?!?!)
Thursday my dear hubby is taking off of work (he has lots of time to use up) and we are heading to the Science Museum of MN! The kids and I were there in June, but my Hubby has never been to the new one that opened about 7 yrs ago! Lots of fun to be had there!!!!!! We are hoping it won't be tooooo busy since MN has school and WI has th/fri off for the state teacher thingy.
Friday the kids and I are headed to the MN Zoo to have some animal lovin' fun! WE have a membership to the zoo and try to get there every few months!!!! Hopefully we will meet up with a few friends which will make it a rockin' good time!!!!!!!
And then of course, they will have fun with their Dad during the weekend while I am off working to bring home some much needed bacon!
SOOO today I am grateful for DAYS OFF of School!!!!!! Yeah for teacher workshops!!!!!
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Laura said...

Wow, sounds like you have some awesome plans! Have a wonderful time with your family!