Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gratituesday: Hopefully a NEW JOB!

Ok, so yesterday I wrote requesting some prayer! and shortly after I posted the post, I looked at the Metro paper in our area and Found a job for my husband to call about! He called right away and was told to call back today (he called yesterday at 10:20) because the 2 owners were out of town. WELL, about 10 minutes later, the lady called him back and left a message on his cell asking him to call back and set up an interview for today! SOOO, right now he is on his way to the job interview (my husband does Auto Body work.) The shop is in the heart of St. Paul, MN and will add about 28 more miles a day to the commute....
I guess right now I am just grateful for the opportunity they are giving him to atleast come in and interview..... they were looking for someone with 3-5 yrs experience and ICAR certified (this is a special hands on training) My husband has 16 yrs of experience but no ICAR, but told them he was MORE THAN WILLING TO GET ALL THE TRAINING he would need! SOOO, lets all fold our hands and pray! Feel free to read yesterdays post for the whole story!!!!!!
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Lynn said...

I hope he gets the job!

Laura said...

That can be so nerve-wracking, waiting while your husband interviews...waiting for the news. I'll be praying for you to hear the answer quickly...and that the answer will be yes!

Gabbi said...

Just a little shove!