Monday, October 6, 2008


OK, the story goes like this....

We had crappy yucky non-stick BUT the stick was coming off pan. We decided to replace them last spring (a gift to me...LOL!) and I choose nice Stainless Steel pans. They are NICE, but don't clean up well. My hubby HATES them! He hates cleaning them and COOKING with them. I on the other hand love them. BUT not cleaning them!
SOOO I finally broke down and found and bought,

Bar Keepers Friend

WOW, do my pans now shine!!!! I hadn't been able to find ANYTHING that would TRULY clean them before! My sink is now shiny and so are my pans! If you have Stainless Steel and can't seem to get that NEW look back! TRY this... it is sold in the grocery store in the cleaning section or online!!!!!!!

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Donna said...

I'll have to keep this product in mind! I nearly gave up on my pots-n-pans a few years ago, but finally, me or them got better and I don't have as much trouble.

However, I did get a set of big stock pots that seem to hassle me from time to time.....this may be just what I need!!! :-)