Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So far So good!!!!!!

Like I said yesterday, the kids and I were going to go on a THROWING spree today and CLEAN HOUSE!
We tackled their bedrooms so far and threw out a LARGE garbage bag of garbage (broken toys, useless things, etc....) and took out 2 Grocery bags of things to donate! And that is just from 2 shared bedrooms! If you can believe it, my hubby and the boys apparently cleaned out the boys room last weekend... UMMMM, yeah, OK.... you forgot some trash!!!!!!
It feels good to GET IT OUT of the house!
As a Natural Born Organizer, I just hate looking at clutter and trash (things that my 6 yr old considers a fun thing to keep like yogurt containers, cut up cereal boxes, and broken things!)
Maybe tomorrow after we all get home from the Science Museum, we will tackle the TOY ROOM!

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