Monday, October 27, 2008

Prayer Request!

May I vent first?????

OK, here is the situation in a nut shell!
My Hubby has worked for the same Man (he works in a small Auto Body Shop) for the past 16 yrs.... yes, since he got out of tech School he has worked for this man! He has left 2 times to try other shops, Once 11 yrs ago or so, and once alittle over 2 yrs ago! Each time, he has gone back to the Shop he started at!
Long story short, My hubby makes Squat for money doing what other guys in the same field get paid 2 x's more a yr to do! He stays because his boss has always paid 100% of our Health ins. for our family of 6 (which is now costing his boss $900 a month to do).... Well, his boss has NOT been paying and has been bounching the checks that he does pay the Ins. comp. with!! This now means that we have NO Health coverage for our Family... with 4 kids under 8 yrs, that is SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband is Angry and ready to walk out with out another job to go to! He has been nothing but GOOD to this man he works for and now being good has gotten him NO WHERE!!!!!!!! His boss also isn't paying my hubby's Long Term Dis. Ins. Premiums, which come right from his paycheck! SOOO, now is boss is STEALING what belongs to my husband and using the money somewhere else!!!!!!!! I am all cried out about this and the stress is wearing on me daily! I am yelling more than I should and snapping at little things when my mind seems to be occupied with the thoughts of everything that is going on!
SOOOO , today I ask that you PRAY for my Husband and our future! Of course, as you know, I am losing my job at the end of the year... making things MORE stressful here! I know God Always provides, but in the same sense, it is scary!! This is just NOT what we need when the economy is falling apart!
It is scary to think that we are ONE major injury away from lossing it all!!!! All because my husband has been faithful to a man who cares not one bit about the people that bust their butt to keep his business going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So Scared,

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Gabbi said...

Sometimes when we need to make a decision, we hem and haw, mull it over, weigh our options, make pro/con lists, and then God gets tired of us and gives us a little shove.

Maybe this is your little shove?

For all the good you do, 10 times that is coming back at you. And I can attest, you do A LOT of good.

Keep the faith, dig in your heels and don't give in to the panic that change brings.

We are all okay,