Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's New Wednesday??!!

Nothing.... Nothing is new.... I can't believe it!
I am STILL working 31 hour weekends, with 4 hours of driving and 5 hours of sleep a night... can you say CRABBY on mondays!!!!!!
I am STILL working on sewing enough for a craft fair on Nov. 22nd.
I am STILL baking up a storm and finishing freezing pumpkin from the garden!
I am STILL cleaning the house daily because of 4 little rug rats!
I am STILL hanging clothes on the line until it gets to cold to touch the wet clothes (gloves and clothespins don't work together!
OH, I know something NEW... I have decided to NOT go to the Hearts @ Home conference.... because we can't really afford for me to take off of work for 2 days of a weekend, and My boss pretty much told me that he NEEDS me that weekend because the train is busy! I am sad about not going as it is the most fun to be had all year! BUT I will look forward to NEXT year!
I am STILL trying to figure out what I will do when my job is OVER! I heard that there are now 2 1/2 people for every job available! THAT is SCARY!!!!!!! Maybe I should become a waitress in the restaurant attached to the Train, they have offered me the job.... I am scared because I cry easily and don't like to deal with crabby/mean people! ALSO, my mom works with my Great Aunt as a personal care attendant and my great uncle is interested in me maybe working one day a week and some weekends.... the drive is an hour away, but the pay would be good..... OR I could always do Daycare, I have all the paper work ready to go because it was going to be a choice back in Aug. UGH, I must pray about this and see where GOD wants to use me!
OF COURSE, my DREAM would be to be my OWN contractor....
I am STILL blogging and that is COOL! I had a BLOG last year that I MAYBE, and I mean MAYBE wrote in 5 times.... and had a woman harrassing me because I used her SEWINLOVE name (the name of my etsy shop) as my blog name... and wasn't writing.... so I closed it down and let her know to LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!
OK, I suppose that is enough for now..... SINCE nothing is really NEW anyways!!!!!!!!!!

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Gabbi said...

You are my inspiration!